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A Comprehensive Guide to LanguageCert ESOL B1 Exam
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A Comprehensive Guide to LanguageCert ESOL B1 Exam

Effa Iqbal
Apr 3, 2023

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    A Comprehensive Guide to LanguageCert ESOL B1 Exam

    You may have heard of the LanguageCert ESOL B1 exam if you’re trying to prove your English proficiency in order to study or work in a place where the language is spoken. For students who want to demonstrate their intermediate level English language skill.

    Language Cert

    Exam Information:

    The exam is divide into two major components;

    1. Written (Reading, Listening, Writing)
    2. Spoken

    In contrast to other tests, you can take these two exams in any sequence you wish. You have the option to schedule the tests individually, but you must take them both within 14 days. The exam can be scheduled online up to 24 hours before the date you want to take it, and results will be available to you within five working days. The LanguageCert ESOL test can be taken at a center or at home (online).

    Breakdown of each component of the test:


    There will be four portions to the 30-minute listening segment. A total of 26 questions will be asked of you, and each segment will be repeated twice. This section’s questions will either be multiple-choice or gap-filling in nature. You will complete this task first during the exam.

    Reading and Writing:

    It will take about 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish both the reading and writing components. This will be one continuous session with no breaks in between the portions. But, you can choose which task to accomplish first (either reading or writing).

    The reading also comprises four sections and a total of 26 questions, much like the listening. There are three different sorts of questions in reading: multiple choice, multiple matching and gap filling. There are two sections for writing. A formal writing assignment of between 70 and 100 words is required of the candidate in the first section, and an informal assignment of between 100 and 120 words is required in the second.

    Language Cert


    The speaking portion consists of 4 one-on-one sessions. The examiner will inquire for personal details and broad questions about familiar subjects in the first part. The second section will be a role-playing scenario based on commonplace subjects.

    You must engage in an interactive information and opinion-sharing process for part three. The last component involves giving a one and a half minute monologue on the assigned subject. The entire speaking test will last approximately 12 minutes.

    Preparation Tips:

    Here are some suggestions to help you efficiently prepare for the LanguageCert ESOL B1 exam:

    • Regular practice is crucial, especially in the areas where you may need to improve, for your English language abilities.
    • Make sure you grasp the format and requirements for each exam component by concentrating on them.
    • Utilize practise examinations - Exams are an excellent opportunity to test your knowledge and become accustomed to the format.
    • Learn a language through tutoring or a course - Working with a tutor or enrolling in a course can give you insightful direction and feedback on your language abilities.


    You can use the correct materials to get ready for the LanguageCert ESOL B1 exam:

    • Website of LanguageCert - The official LanguageCert website offers comprehensive test information, including practice questions and study guides.
    • Practice tests - You can discover practice tests online or buy them from websites that teach languages.
    • Books and study resources - There are numerous books and study material that have been specifically created for the LanguageCert ESOL B1 exam.

    Language Cert

    Written By:

    -Ahmed Raza is a contributing writer at Edify Group of Companies. He is also an experienced IELTS and PTE instructor. He has passion for teaching, writing and instructional design. He graduated from UET and embarked on the journey of teaching English Language tests afterwards.

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