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88 Courses are Available at Royal Roads University For International Students

88 Courses are Available at Royal Roads University For International Students

Effa Iqbal
Mar 27, 2023

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    Royal Roads University is a public research university in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is well-known for its creative curriculum, knowledgeable teachers, and great student support services. Students from all over the world can enroll in a variety of bachelor, graduate, and certificate programs at the institution. In this post, we will examine Royal Roads University’s history, best courses, campus locations, prices, and scholarship chances.

    Study in Royal road University

    History of Royal Roads University

    Royal Roads Institution has a long and distinguished history dating back over a century. The institution began as a military college in 1940 to train executive trainees for the Royal Canadian Navy. It was situated on the Companies have strong Park estate, previously the residence of Lt . gov. James Douglas, who played an important part in British Columbia’s history. During WWII, the institution was critical in educating officers for the navy, and it remained to do so until 1995 when it was turned into a major college.

    The university was renamed Royal Roads University in 1996, and it has expanded greatly in size and prestige since then. Today, it is a global university that provides students from every corner of the world with a diverse choice of bachelor, graduate, and diploma courses. Royal Roads University is widely considered one of the greatest institutions in Canada due to its innovative programs, competent teachers, and outstanding student support services.

    Ranking of Royal Roads

    Royal Roads University is a well-known institution known for its outstanding education, research, and innovation. Although the institution has not been recognized in typical university rating systems, it has garnered a number of awards throughout the years.

    For example, Research Infosource designated it one of the Top 50 Research Schools in Canada, and the Society for such Development of Environment in Higher Education acknowledged it as a pioneer in environmental sustainability.

    In accordance with the 2021 National Survey on Student Engagement, the university achieved great marks among students, with a 96% level of satisfaction. While the university does not have a formal rating, it is usually considered as a top higher education institution.

    Top Courses of Royal Roads University Canada

    Royal Roads University provides a diverse selection of programmes in a variety of fields. Among the major courses available at the university are:

    • MBA stands for Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Entrepreneurial Management Bachelor of Commerce
    • Intercultural and International Communication Master of Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies
    • Environmental Practice Master of Science
    • Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate
    • Project Management Graduate Certificate

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    Royal Roads university

    Campuses and location of Royal Roads University

    Royal Roads University has a campus in Victoria, British Columbia, a city recognised for its stunning scenery and eclectic culture. The institution is located on a beautiful 565-acre property that faces the Pacific Ocean and provides a tranquil and gorgeous setting for learners to grow and flourish.

    The university has a single main campus, yet additionally provides online courses, allowing students from all around the world to enroll at Royal Roads.

    Fee and Scholarship for International students at Royal Roads University


    • Tuition at the Royal Roads University varies according to program and level of study.
    • Undergraduate programs typically start about $30,000 annually, while graduate programs can cost up to $60,000.
    • In addition to tuition, students should budget for those other expenditures such as textbooks, housing, and living expenses.
    • The institution provides a variety of payment alternatives, such as payment plans and student loans.


    Royal Roads University provides a variety of scholarships to help students pay for their studies.

    • There are admission awards, program-specific scholarships, and academic excellence rewards.
    • Scholarships are also available for students from minority populations, as well as rewards for community work and leadership.
    • Scholarship rates differ, but in rare situations, they can pay the whole cost of tuition.
    • The institution also encourages students to look for other scholarship options.

    The campus life of Royal Roads University for international students

    For international students, Royal Roads University offers a warm and supportive campus environment, as well as a varied choice of social, cultural, and academic events to assist them to integrate into to the school community. International students may expect to enjoy the following characteristics of campus life at Royal Roads University:

    • International Student Services: The institution offers a variety of services tailored to international students, including as visa and immigration help, academic advice, language aid, and cultural activities.
    • Student Organizations: From recreational and social groups to professional and academic groups, the institution boasts a number of student-run organizations that appeal to a wide spectrum of interests. International learners may join these groups to meet like-minded people and participate in activities that interest them.
    • Housing: Royal Roads University provides the students with on-campus housing alternatives including single and shared flats and townhouses. According to their choices and finances, international students can reside on-campus off or in the neighboring town.
    • Campus Culture: Royal Roads University is dedicated to creating a friendly and inclusive campus culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. During the year, the institution conducts a number of different cultural events and activities, such as Education Research Week, cultural fairs, and holiday festivities.

    Fitness centers, football teams, and outdoor pursuits programs are among the leisure facilities and activities offered by the institution. Foreign students may use these amenities and recreational opportunities to keep themselves in shape while meeting new people and expanding their network.

    Royal Roads University

    Overall, Royal Roads University provides international students with a warm and supportive campus environment, as well as a variety of services with opportunities to help them flourish academically and socially.

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