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The IELTS Life Skills exam measures the speaking and listening abilities of non-native English speakers who must demonstrate their English language proficiency for immigration or citizenship purposes. There are two levels of the test: A1 and B1. Basic communication is done through A1, whereas more complicated communication is done through B1. Speaking and Listening are the two sections of the test.

Test Format

The Speaking test, which is conducted in-person, evaluates a candidate's proficiency in speaking English in a range of contexts. A trained IELTS examiner administers the test, which lasts about 15 minutes. The candidate will be questioned on a range of subjects, including their job, family, home, hobbies, and general interests. They will be asked for their opinions on a range of subjects as well. The candidate's proficiency with various vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation will be evaluated. The Listening test, which lasts 30 minutes, evaluates a candidate's capacity to comprehend spoken English in a range of real-world scenarios. The test is divided into four portions, each of which gets harder as it goes along.


How to prepare?

It is crucial to practice speaking and listening in English as much as you can before taking the IELTS Life Skills test. Speaking with native English speakers, viewing English-language movies and TV shows, and listening to English-language music and podcasts are just a few ways you can accomplish this. To familiarize yourself with the test's format, it also helps to take practice exams and study sample questions. It's helpful to practice your pronunciation and fluency in addition to listening and speaking. This can be accomplished by frequently practicing the distinct English pronunciations, as well as stress and intonation patterns.

Our course:

In order to prepare for the test, working with a tutor or enrolling in classes at an approved IELTS test center might be quite beneficial. Therefore we advise you to enroll at Edify Group or Companies for better results. Here, you will have the chance to practice speaking and listening in a safe setting during classes, and you will also get feedback on how you did. To assist you get accustomed to the test's format, the classes will also give you practice exams and sample test materials.

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