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Dec 19, 2022

University of Hertfordshire

Established in 1952, the University of Hertfordshire is a modern institute based in Hatfield, UK. The university is largely popular in the UK and globally for its academic excellence and the research work it continues to do which contributes significantly to many important issues in society, both academically and generally.

 The University of Hertfordshire is described as a leading university for business and continues to provide one of the best educations in the UK. At the University of Hertfordshire, international students are warmly welcomed with different orientation sessions and other benefits.

 Apart from that, international students also have the choice of choosing their desired area of study from a vast variety of courses that the university offers.

At Hertfordshire, there are more than 25,000 students currently enrolled. The students come from all across the world from more than 90 different countries, making the university a diversified institute.

 The multicultural experience enables international students to adjust to the university fairly easily. Hertfordshire is also famous for its excellent facilities that are provided to the students, leading to an award-winning student experience.

Many employers globally and in the UK prefer graduates from the University of Hertfordshire since the degree is considered to be very prestigious and the students of Hertfordshire have shown promising futures in their desired careers.

Courses Offered at the University of Hertfordshire for international students:

The University of Hertfordshire offers courses in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research programs. International students can choose their desired degree from a vast list of courses, all taught by one of the best academic faculties in the UK.

 The university takes great pride in its highly qualified teachers and professors, giving students access to professional education taught by seasoned masters of their respective subjects. Some of the popular courses offered at the university of Hertfordshire are listed below.

Undergraduate Courses at the University of Hertfordshire:

·         Accounting and Finance

·         Architecture

·         Astrophysics

·         Biochemistry

·         Business Management

·         Data science

·         Computer science

·         Law

·         Media

·         Philosophy

·         Physiotherapy

·         Politics

·         International Relations

·         Sports

·         Robotics

·         Tourism and Management

There are numerous other courses also available for the undergraduate program at the University of Hertfordshire. If you want to know the in-depth details of your desired course at Hertfordshire, contact us at Edify Group of Companies for the best educational consultants in Pakistan. We offer the best services for studying abroad in Pakistan.

Postgraduate Courses at the University of Hertfordshire:

·         Advanced computer sciences

·         Animation

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Bar practice

·         Clinical Psychology

·         Cancer Immunotherapy

·         Computer science

·         Cyber Security

·         Digital Media

·         Arts

·         Education

·         Toxicology

·         Film production

·         Graphic design

·         International Business

·         Law

·         Legal practice

·         MBA in different areas such as Data Analytics, Public services, HR, and finance among others

·         Psychology

·         Physics

Research Courses at the University of Hertfordshire:

·         Astronomy

·         Cyber security

·         Creative arts and Writing

·         Computer science

·         Film

·         English Literature

·         Food and Public health

·         Law

·         Mathematics

·         Materials and Structures

·         Midwifery

·         Nursing

·         Paramedic Sciences

·         Social Work

·         Physiotherapy

Among these courses, the university also offers pre-sessional English courses of two denominations

·         6 Weeks

·         12 Weeks

 International students at the University of Hertfordshire:

As an international student, adjusting to a new life in an unfamiliar country seems like a hectic task. However, the university takes the position of new international students into careful consideration and has come up with exclusive services that are enacted for the convenience of international students.

 At the University of Hertfordshire, international students are provided with excellent help throughout the duration of their enrolment with their visas, academic matters, residence issues, and even employment.

The university has a dedicated student support team for international students that are specifically trained to assist students with anything and everything they may require help with. T

The university also offers free English language lessons, enabling students to get a strong grip on academic English which later helps them in their studies.

The University of Hertfordshire also offers a free airport collection service for international students that land at Heathrow airport before starting their academic journey at the prestigious University of Hertfordshire.

Accommodation services for international students:

One of the major issues that many international students face when studying abroad is residence. To make things easier, the university offers a guaranteed place at its on-campus halls of residence for international students who are starting their first year of study at the university.

The halls of residence include flats and houses, along with traditional corridors. The university also offers off-campus residences at the Ridgeview lodges.

 However, the lodges are a short drive away from campus. Furthermore, students can rent a private space of their liking in any house or flat as a lodger. The student support staff assists with all residence-related matters for international students.

Fee structure for international students:

The University of Hertfordshire offers a plethora of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Therefore, the fee is variable, depending on the length of the course and the course one chooses.

 An estimated average fee is usually between £12,000-16000; however, the fee may be lower or higher for different courses.

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